Arup Virtual Assistant: A Comprehensive Review for 2024

Information about the Company

Arup Virtual Assistant, the brainchild of Arup K Seth, is more than just another player in the virtual assistance field. It’s the culmination of a rich tapestry of experience, knowledge, and entrepreneurial vision. Arup, the founder, boasts an impressive background in the IT sector, having navigated its intricate corridors for over a decade. Throughout his journey, he has donned multiple hats – from serving as a Personal Administrator to prominent business figures from varied sectors to immersing himself in myriad projects that have honed his skills and expanded his horizons.

Together, Arup’s vision and his team’s prowess position Arup Virtual Assistant not just as a service provider but as a trusted partner, ready to empower businesses in their growth journeys.

What Areas They Work With

Administrative Services

Marketing and SEO Support

Product Research & Real Estate

Social Media Management

Technical & Web Support

E-commerce & Email Support


Personal Tasks

What are the Services They Provide

Administrative Assistant Services: Comprehensive support for day-to-day administrative tasks, project management, and document formatting.

Marketing Support: Digital marketing strategies, sales funnels, and competitor research to elevate brand visibility.

Product Research & Analysis: Deep dives into product specifics, competitor offerings, and pricing strategies for informed decision-making.

Real Estate Support Services: Full-range support for property listings, client coordination, and report management.

Social Media Management: Tailored strategies for various platforms, ensuring brand consistency and increased engagement.

CRM & Bookkeeping: Integration and data migration across popular platforms, coupled with financial record keeping.

eCommerce Support: End-to-end support for product listings, order processing, and inventory management.

E-mail & Chat Support: Efficient email management and customer support via live chats and mass mailing.

Recruitment & Selection: Holistic recruitment solutions from job postings to candidate selection.

Transcription: Accurate transcription services for a variety of audio and video formats.

Personal Tasks: Assistance with personal appointments, reservations, and concierge services for a balanced work-life approach.

Search Engine Optimization: Comprehensive SEO solutions from keyword optimization to sitemap submissions.

Graphic Design: Aesthetic and tailored design solutions from logos to brochures.

Technical Support: Round-the-clock support for system troubleshooting, virus removal, and email client setups.

Web Support: All-inclusive website maintenance, from domain registration to content updates.


The pricing structure stands out for its simplicity. At $6.00 per hour, it promises value, especially when you consider the diverse skills on offer. For businesses that fluctuate between varied tasks, this hourly rate provides flexibility and affordability.


Cost-Effective Solutions: Hiring a full-time employee involves salaries, benefits, and often training costs. With Arup Virtual Assistant flat rate, businesses can get professional assistance at a fraction of the cost.

Access to Specialized Skills: Arup Virtual Assistants boasts a wide array of services, meaning businesses can tap into specialized skills without hiring multiple experts.

Flexibility: Without long-term contracts or commitments, businesses can scale services up or down based on their requirements.

24/7 Availability: The nature of virtual assistance often means that assistance is available outside of traditional working hours, ensuring tasks are handled promptly.

Streamlined Operations: With services like CRM management, calendar management, and email support, businesses can have smoother, more organized operations.

Enhanced Online Presence: Through SEO, social media management, and digital marketing support, businesses can boost their online visibility and reach.

One-Stop Solution: From personal tasks to technical support, everything is managed under one roof, simplifying coordination and communication.

Task Tracking: With private dashboards to monitor hours and tasks, businesses can maintain transparency and control over the services availed.


Communication Barriers: Depending on the location of the virtual assistant, there may be time zone differences or language barriers that can lead to miscommunication.

Dependence on Technology: Virtual assistants rely heavily on technology. Any technical glitches, internet outages, or software malfunctions can disrupt the workflow.

Data Security Concerns: Sharing sensitive business information with a third party always carries inherent risks, even if the virtual assistant company has stringent security protocols.


The evolution of the virtual workspace has transformed the way businesses operate, offering a plethora of advantages with services like Arup Virtual Assistant leading the charge. While there are potential challenges to navigate, the overwhelming benefits—including cost savings, access to a wide array of specialized skills, and the flexibility inherent in such services—cannot be understated.

When considering the comprehensive range of services Arup provides, coupled with the ever-increasing demand for virtual collaboration, it’s evident that such solutions are not just a fleeting trend but a fundamental shift in modern business operations. Embracing this change and leveraging the expertise of virtual assistant services can propel a business to new heights, ensuring its success and growth in a constantly evolving marketplace.


Is there an initiation or start-up fee?

No. There is no fee to join Arup Virtual Assistant. The transparent hourly basis fee is detailed on the pricing page, ensuring there are no hidden costs.

Do my Virtual Assistant work hours ever expire?

Yes. Unused hours will expire after 60 days of non-usage. It’s advised to utilize the services regularly to get the most value.

Is there a commitment or contract for a minimum period?

No. Arup Virtual Assistant values flexibility and understands the ever-evolving needs of businesses, thus they have no such commitments or contracts binding their clients.

Can I share my membership with other people?

Of course! The only condition is that all tasks must be sent through the e-mail ID registered with, ensuring streamlined communication.